No. 5895. PZL Warsawa-Okecie PZL-106 AR Kruk (D-FOAB c/n 48040)
Photographed at Airborne 2006, Flugplatz Stadtlohn-Vreden, Germany, September 22-24, by Johan Visschedijk

PZL Warsawa-Okecie PZL-106 AR Kruk

10/31/2006. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Built in 1978 and registered in former East Germany as DDR-TAB, this Kruk (Raven) is a trainer version created by reducing the chemicals tank and fitting an extra canopy in front of the original cockpit window. The "R" in the designation points to the noise surpressing propeller rpm reduction gear.

The last airworthy PZL-106 AR was refurbished by Gehling and restored in the colours of Interflug. The aircraft is able to drop 132 gal (500 l) water and it is regulary ordered to attend air shows to demonstrate this capability."

Created October 31, 2006