No. 7032. Fairey Jet Gyrodyne (XJ389 c/n F.9420) Ministry of Supply
Photographs from Military Aircraft Photographs (MAP)

Fairey Jet Gyrodyne

10/31/2007. This aircraft was built original as the second Fairey FB-1 Gyrodyne experimental compound autogiro. The Gyrodyne had the propeller of an autogiro and the engine-driven rotor of a helicopter. But, unlike a helicopter, its three-bladed rotor was used almost entirely to provide lift, the major part of its thrust being provided by the starboard stub-wingtip mounted two-blade tractor propeller, which also countered the rotor torque. Powered by a 525 hp Alvis Leonides nine-cylinder fan-cooled radial engine and registered as G-AJJP, it was first flown in 1948.

Subject of a Ministry of Supply research contract to gather data for the Fairey Rotodyne, G-AJJP was converted to the Jet Gyrodyne; the tractor propeller was replaced by a pusher propellers at each end of the stub-wings, and the Alvis engine was altered to drive two centrifugal compressors which fed compressed air to fuel-burning jets units at tips of the two-bladed rotor. Serialed initial XD759, later XJ389, it was first flown in January 1954. Struck off charge in 1961 to be scrapped, the single Jet Gyrodyne is presently preserved at the Museum of Berkshire Aviation, near Reading, Berkshire, UK.

Created October 31, 2007