No. 10649. Piasecki PV-3 HRP-1 Rescuer US Marine Corps
                   Piasecki PV-17 HRP-2 Rescuer (111831 c/n 3, 111832 c/n 4) US Marine Corps
Photograph from USMC

Piasecki PV-17 HRP-2 Rescuer

05/31/2011. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Only five PV-17 HRP-2 aircraft (BuNo. 111829 to 111833, c/n 1 to 5) were produced, ordered in June 1948, the first flew November 10, 1949. Three of the aircraft were operated by the USMC HMX-1 (Marine Helicopter Experimental Squadron 1) at MCAS Quantico, Virginia, from 1950 to 1953, were after they were transferred to the US Coast Guard (coded 1829 to 1833). Eventually two appeared on the US civil register, c/n 3 (ex BuNo. 111831, ex USCG1831), became N961, and c/n 4 (ex BuNo. 111832, ex USCG 1832), became N3916.

The HRP-1 and HRP-2 aircraft are pictured aboard one of the several carriers used in the development of vertical assault tactics (including USS Saipan, CVL-48; USS Palau, CVA-122).

Created May 31, 2011